Current Issue

Volume 2, Number 2

Comparative Study on Text Document Clustering Algorithms Based on Latent Semantic Indexing
R.Jensi, Dr.Sivanthi Aditanar College of Engineering, Tiruchendur

Modeling and Simulation of the Distillation Column Plates
Samia Latreche and Mabrouk Khemliche, Setif University, Algeria

Volume 2, Number 1

Low Voltage, High Speed and High Temperature of 1T-1C DRAM in CMOS 3C-SiC 250nm Technology
Djilali Berbara1, Mourad Hebali1*, Miloud Abboun Abid1, Mohammed Benzohra2, Djilali Chalabi1 and Abdelkader
Saidane1, 1ENP Oran, Algeria and 2University of Rouen, France

An Investigation of the Impact of Meltdown on Operating Systems
Arash Tabe1, Seyyed Keyvan Mousavi2, Kaveh Shaker3 and Payam Hatamzadeh4, 1Tabriz University Campuses, Iran,
2Islamic Azad University, Iran, 3Mizan Higher Education Institute, Iran and 4University of Isfahan, Iran

Building Systematic Reviews Using Oneclass SVM and Football Optimization Algorithm
Payam Hatamzadeh1, Arash Tabe2, Seyyed Keyvan Mousavi3 and Kaveh Shaker4, 1University of Isfahan, Iran, 2Tabriz
University Campuses, Iran, 3Islamic Azad University, Iran and 4Mizan Higher Education Institute, Iran

Immobilization of Polymer Dots Grafted TiO2 Nanohybrids on Gauze for Photo Degradation of Organic Pollutants
Ziqing Wang1 and Gen Li2, 1Trinity-Pawling School, United States and 2Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular
Science, China

Congestion Control in Computer Networks Using Hybrid Invasive Weeds Optimization Algorithm and K-Nearest Neighbor
Reza Nadi and Amir Massoud Bidgoli, Islamic Azad University-Tehran North Branch