Volume 3

November 2016, Volume 3, Number 4

Performance Enhancement with Speculative-Trace Capping at Different Pipeline Stages in Simultaneous
Multi-Threading Processors

Wenjun Wang and Wei-Ming Lin, The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA

August 2016, Volume 3, Number 3

Hand Gesture Recognition Using Statistical and Artificial Geometric Methods : A Survey
Mokhtar M. Hasan, University of Baghdad, Iraq

Diverse Techniques for Geometric Features Extraction and Identification of Gesture Recognition
Noor A. Ibraheem, University of Baghdad, Iraq

May 2016, Volume 3, Number 2

A Survey on Undulatory Motion Based Robotic Fish Design
S.Swarnamugi, S.Raja Mohamed and P.Raviraj, KIT - Coimbatore, India

MAC : A Novel Systematically Multilevel Cache Replacement Policy for PCM Memory
Shenchen Ruan, Haixia Wang and Dongsheng Wang, Tsinghua University, China

February 2016, Volume 3, Number 1

Anyone Can Talk Tool
Mohammad Taye, Mohammad Abu Shanab, Moyad Rayyan and Husam Younis, Philadelphia University, Jordan

Zinc Supplementation May Reduce The Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using Big Data Network Analysis
Jinyu Hu1,2, Bin Hu1, Weisen Pan3, Junsong Wang4, Xiangtao Liu2 and Zhiwei Gao5, 1Stanford University, USA, 2Cipher Ground,
USA, 3The Ohio State University, USA, 4Tianjin Medical University, China and 5Northumbria University, United Kingdom