Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my paper to AIRCC journal?
Authors can submit their manuscript either by online submission system or emailing the journal ID Authors will be acknowledged once the submission is received.

How do I find out if my paper is in scope of a journal?
To confirm whether your paper is suitable for the journal, check the "Scope and Topics "on the journal website before submitting your paper. You may also email the journal secretary if you have query.

What is the template used for initial Submission of papers?
All papers must be submitted in AIRCC's journal template which can be downloaded from the submission page of each journal. Papers that don't follow AIRCC format will not be considered for review.

Are there any restrictions on the type of paper submission?
All scientific research original papers are accepted provided they should not have been published previously or be under consideration for publication elsewhere strictly.

What is the min & max number of pages allowed per paper?
There should be a min of 12 pages to a max of 20 pages allowed per manuscript. Max of 25 pages is allowed with additional cost for 5 pages

What type of file format is acceptable?
MS Word or PDF is the format is acceptable

Are all submitted articles peer reviewed?
Yes, all of our articles undergo peer review. The status of the paper will be updated within 30 days from the date of paper submission. Authors will be given a week to modify and changes suggested by the reviewers before sending in their final manuscript.

Will my willingness to pay an author fee affect whether my article is published?
No, only after the article is accepted for publication we send the payment process.

What kind of papers will be rejected without review?
Out of Scope papers, duplicate submissions and papers with improper formatting will be automatically rejected.

Is it possible for me to talk to the journal secretary over phone about my paper?
All inquiries and comments about manuscripts should be in writing. Keeping things in writing provides good record keeping, which is especially important for some reason in future.

Is there a printed version of the journal? Can I order additional journal copies? How do I do this?
Print version is available by paying 40 USD/per book for printing & postal charges.

Can I subscribe to a AIRCC journal?
To subscribe to an AIRCC journal, go to

I submitted an article some months ago and had no response so far, whom should I ask regarding this?
Kindly contact the journal secretary via the journal e-mail id.

Are there any discounts available?
Authors need to pay the full amount for publication

What is the refund process for AIRCC journals?

  • If an author decided not to publish his/her work after acceptance notification is sent, the authors name will be added in PAL list.
  • If an author decides to withdraw his/her paper after paying the fee, no refund can be claimed.
  • If papers are found to be plagiarized after publication, no refund can be claimed.

Where can the copyright form be obtained?
Please email the journal secretary to obtain the copyright form

Why submit to AIRCC Journal?

  • Proper Peer review process
  • All articles published in AIRCC Journal are open access (freely available on the journal website).
  • High visibility within the field
  • AIRCCs Journals are archived in a number of safe open access archives which makes accessibility easier.

What can I do with my published article that AIRCC makes available upon publication?  
Authors are free to distribute and display their work under the terms of the license to publish.