Volume 1

Volume 1, Number 1, November 2015

Confined Systems Within Thermodynamic Framework: Time Dependent Vs. Time Independent Treatment
Harald Morgner, University Leipzig, Germany

Water Quality Indices- Important Tools for Water Quality Assessment: A Review
Tirkey Poonam, Bhattacharya Tanushree, Chakraborty Sukalyan, BIT Mesra, India

Low Platelet Count Associated With Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever
Riffat Mehboob1, Muhammad Munir1, Ahmed Azeem2, Samina Naeem1, Muhammad Akram Tariq1 and Fridoon Jawad
Ahmad1, 1King Edward Medical University, Pakistan and 2University of Lahore, Pakistan

The Vinland Map: Transmission Electron Micrograph of the Ink
Jacqueline Olin, Smithsonian Institution, U.S.A

Influence of Some Factors on the Parameters of Facilitated Transport for Chromium Ions Across Supported Liquid
Membranes Containing Methyl Cholate as Carrier

Abdelkhalek Benjjar 1,2 Mohammed Riri 1, Mustapha Hor1 and Tarik Eljaddi1, Laurent Lebrun2 and
Miloudi Hlaibi1,2, 1Universite Hassan II, Morocco And 2Universite de Rouen, France

Spectrophotometric Determination of Zirconium using Chrome Azurol S (Cas) as Complexing Agent in Aqueous
Streams of Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing

S.Ganesh, P.Velavendan, N.K.Pandey, U.Kamachi Mudali and R.Natarajan, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic
Research, India