Current Issue

April 2018, Volume 5, Number 2

Examination of the Skin Conductance Level (SCL) as an Index of the Activity of the Sympathetic Nervous System for
Application in the Continous Blood Pressure Measurement
Janina Horstick, Simon Siebers and Claus Backhaus, University of Applied Sciences Munster, Germany

January 2018, Volume 5, Number 1

Study on Enhancement of Osseointegration of the Bio-Active Titanium Implant by Low Intensive Ultrasound Wave 
Masanori Kobayahsi1, Masafumi Shiraishi2 and Mitsuo Kinoshita2, 1Takarazuka University of Medical and Health
Care, Japan and 2Osaka Medical school, Japan

A New Approach of Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Fast Convergence Level Set 
Virupakshappa1 and Basavaraj Amarapur2,1Appa IET, India and 2PDA College of Engineering, India