Volume 2

Volume 2, Number 4

The Impact of Partition as Revealed Bapsisidhwa's Ice Candy Man  
M. Natarajan1 and G. Muniyaraj2, 1Bharathidasan University Constituent Arts and Science College, India and 2Jamal
Mohamed College, India

Similarities and Dissimilariteis Between Population Censuses of Sri Lanka in 2001 & 2012 : Demographic Analysis  
Dilhani E.V.D, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka

An Evaluation of the Impact of HIV/AIDS on The Performance of the Nigerian Economy : An Empirical Analysis  
OKOH, Abo Sunday, OJIYA, Emmanuel Ameh and AMADI, Uchechukwu, Federal University Wukari, Nigeria

Effects of Martial Conflicts in Christian Marriages in Domboshava Area, Mashonaland East Province Zimbabwe  
Mbwirire John, Zimbabwe Open University, Zimbabwe

Volume 2, Number 2/3

Multiculturalism and Nationhood : A Postmodernist Reading of Nadine Gordimer's None to Accompany me and Gillian
Slovo's Red Dust
Eric Nsuh Zuhmboshi, The University of Yaounde I, Cameroon

Multicultural Festival Performance as a Site of Liberation from Performance Dichotomy : Investigating Allegations  
Patience Manzira-Maforo, University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

Reforming the Higher Education Affiliation System of India  
Komal Vaishnav, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India

Volume 2, Number 1

Language Learning Strategies Among ARAB EFL Postgraduate Students in Malaysia  
Bilal Ayed Al-Khaza’leh1 and AsimAyed Al-khawaldeh2, 1Islamic Sciences University of Malaysia, Malaysia and
2Al Albayet University, Jordan

Hamilton, 1776 and Beyond : Musicals in the Social Studies Curriculum  
Keith Mason, New Providence School District, USA