Accepted Papers

  • Education Investment and Economic Returns in 2010-2012 China
    Xxx Deqingyuzhen, Xinyi Qi, Yiqing Fang, Mo Wang, Ed Analyzer, Jackson Heights, USA
    Along with the rapid economic growth, China revoked a nation-wide education revolution and the emphasis on education has been regarded as a contribution factor to the economic growth. This paper takes the attention on the relationship between education and economic growth in China. We collect 2012 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) data as a measure of economic growth and three education associated variables, which are education expenditure, higher education institutions and student-teacher ratio, to start the analysis. Descriptive statistics and simple graphics analysis are conducted to gives an overview of the education investment situation in 2010-2012 China. Pearson product-moment correlation is calculated to show how the education investment situation was related with the economic growth.
  • Effectiveness of ICT integrated Modular Approach on Retention of Biology Students
    Saima Shaheen1, Sufiana Khatoon2, 1COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Virtual Campus, Pakistan and 2 National University of Modern Language Islamabad, Pakistan
    An experimental study was conducted to determine the Impact of Information and Communication Technology Integrated Modular Approach (ICT-MA) on retention of Biology Students. Ten modules were constructed from the textbook of biology grade-IX by integrating them with ICT. Pre test-post test control group design was employed for the current study. All the science students of grade-IX studying biology as elective subject at Islamabad Model Colleges constituted the population of the study. A sample of 172 science students was drawn from two schools through stratified random sampling. Two teachers were randomly assigned to either control or experimental groups. One week training session was organized for teachers and students of experimental groups. Modules and a teacher made test was validated by a team of three experts and try out was carried out to check the reliability of modules and instrument. Pre tests, post tests and retention tests were conducted to gather data. Independent sample t-test, one way ANOVA and Factorial ANOVA were applied to analyze the data. On the whole modular approach proved very effective in enhancing retention of content of biology at secondary level.
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