Volume 1, Number 1

Utilisation of Indigenous Fruit Tree Species within the Lake Victoria Basin, Rwanda
Celestin Bigirimana1, Francis Omujal2, Prossy Isubikalu1, Elias Bizuru3, Michael Malinga4, Jacob Godfrey Agea1, John Bosco Lamoris Okullo1 and Bernard Obaa1, 1Makerere University, Uganda, 2Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute, Uganda, 3University of Rwanda, Rwanda and 4National Forestry Authority, Uganda

New Agricultural Internet of Things Sensor Equipment Multi Functional Raman Sensor Equipment
Wu Yin and Chenying He, Shenzhen Wissea Electronic Technology Co. Ltd, Shenzhen , Guangdong, China

Germplasm Selection Based On The Depth Learning Network Mobilenet
Wu Yin1, Chen Zhao2 and Yutian Chen1, 1Shenzhen Wissea Electronic Technology Co. Ltd, Shenzhen , Guangd ong, China, 518057 2Automation engineering, Guangdong Universirty of Technology, Guangzhou, China

Relative Comparism of Humanure Effect on Selected Soil Heavy Metals After Planting and at Harvest in Owerri Nigeria
E.U Uju, I.I Ekpe, E.E Ihem,C.I Mgbeahuru, Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria

Development of Discriminant Models for Automatic Identification and Classification of Sorghum Varieties using its Optical Properties
Audu.J1, AremuA. K2 and Ogunlade, C. A3, 11University of Agriculture, Nigeria, 2University of Ibadan, Nigeria, 3Adeleke University, Nigeria

Improved Paths for UAVS in Pesticide Spraying with Terrain Consideration
Michael Pelosi1, Connie Garcia2 and Michael Scott Brown2, 1Texas A&M, United States,2 Hagerstown Community College, United States, 3University of Maryland Baltimore County, United States

Impact of Humanure on Soil Properties and Yield of Watermelon (Citrulluslanatus) in Imo State Nigeria
E.U Uju, I. I Ekpe, E.E Ihem, C. I Mgbeahuru, Afangide Akaninyene Isaiah, Federal University of Owerri, Nigeria