Volume 4

December 2017, Volume 4, Number 3/4

Review of the Urban Heat Island Phenomenon Analysis as an Adaptation to Climate Change in MAGHREB Cities
Kaoutar Ouali1, Khalid El Harrouni2 and MoulayLarbi Abidi1, 1Mohammed 5 University, Morocco and
2National School of Architecture, Morocco

Philosophical Investigation of Technology and its Effect on Human and Architecture
Aida Khajeie, Islamic Azad University, Iran

June 2017, Volume 4, Number 2

Special Issue : Third International Conference on Civil Engineering and Urban Planning (CEU-2017)

The Impact of Waiting Time on Pedestrian Violations at Signalized Intersections
Shuyan Chen, Jiping Xing and Yang Cao, Southeast University, China

Spatial Distribution of Aircraft Noise Around Abu Dhabi International Airport, UAE and its Effects on Community and
Workers Health : An Analytic Tool for Evaluating the Health Impacts of Urban Planning Decisions

Khaula A. Alkaabi, United Arab Emirates University, United Arab Emirates

Intelligent Transportation System Based Traffic Congestion Modeling for Urban Corridor
Sourabh Jain1, Sukhvir Singh Jain1 and Gaurav V. Jain2 and 1Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India and
2Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), India

Evaluation of Performance of High Calcium Fly Ash as a Mineral Filler in Mix Design of Microsurfacing of Road

Naitik Patel and Rajesh Gujar, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, India

Regular Issue

Studying the Effects of Aircraft Noise Around Abu Dhabi International Airport, UAE on the Surrounding Residential
and Work Places

Khaula A. Alkaabi, United Arab Emirates University, United Arab Emirates

Biogas Technology as a Sustainable Domestic Organic Waste Management Measure for Developing Countries
Athira Ravi and Subha Vishnudas, Cochin University of Science and Technology, India

March 2017, Volume 4, Number 1

Incorporating Participatory Planning and Quality Function Deployment in Urban Planning
Noora Buchiri1, Bader Al Mannai2 and Saad M. A. Suliman2, 1Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning,
Bahrain and 2University of Bahrain, Bahrain

Towards Innovate Methods of Construction Cost Management and Control
T. G. K. Vasista, SunRise University, India

Evaluation of the Superplasticizer Effect on the Concrete Compressive Strength Using the Tree-Classification Decision

Hadi Davoudi, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Evaluation on Performance of Photoelectric Smoke Detectors in the Zone Detection System
Hui-Pei Chang1, San-Ping Ho2, Chao-Shi Chen1, Tsung-Ming Wu3, Chin-Feng Chen4 and Cheng-Wei Wu1, 1National Cheng
Kung University, Taiwan, R.O.C, 2Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan, R.O.C, 3Chia Tai Fire Protection Co., Ltd.,
Taiwan, R.O.C and 4National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, R.O.C

Strategic Cost Management for Construction Project Success : A Systematic Study
T. G. K. Vasista, SunRise University, India