Current Issue

Volume 1, Number 1

Characterization of Soru-Chakli - A Traditional Food of West Bengal
Prabhakar P.K and Srivastav P.P, Indian Institute of Technology, India

Impacts of Varieties and Freezing Storage Condition on the Quality of French Fried Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.)
Sadia Sattar, Kazi Sarower, M.Burhan Uddin and M.Fahad Jubayer, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh

An Overview of Electromagnetic Radiation in Grain Crops
Johevajile K. Mazima1, Agbinya Johnson2, Emmanuel Manasseh3 and Shubi Kaijage1, 1Nelson Mandela African Institution
of Science and Technology, Tanzania, 2Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia and 3Tanzania Communications
Regulatory Authority, Tanzania

High-Pressure Processing and its Applications in the Dairy Industry
Ronit Mandal and Rajni Kant, Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur, India