Volume 1

November 2014, Volume 1, Number 2

Use and Impact of Insecticides in Mealybug Control
Mamoon-ur-Rasheed1, Bushra S2 and M.Tariq2, 1Gomal University, Pakistan and 2Arid Agriculture University, Pakistan

August 2014, Volume 1, Number 1

Impact of Organochlorines on Endocrine System : A Review
S. Bushra and M. Ahmad, Arid Agriculture University, Pakistan

A Model for Predicting HIV-1 – Human Protein Interactions using Data Mining Techniques
Nour Moustafa1, Ahmed Sharaf Eldin1 and Samar Kamal Kassim2, 1Helwan University, Egypt and 2Ain Shams
University, Egypt

Use of Essential oils for The Management of different species of Dengue Mosquitoe
S.Bushra and M.Tariq, Arid Agriculture University, Pakistan

The Molecular Genetics of Type 1 Diabetes
Nastaran Asghari Moghaddam and Reza Rasoolzadeh, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Comparative Tissue Culture Studies on Lantana Camara and Datura Inoxia at Heavy Metal Contaminated Site and Phytoremediation Approach at Industrially Contaminated sites
Ashwini A. Waoo1, Swati Khare2 and Shujata Ganguli1, 1Government Motilal Vighyan Mahavidhyalaya College,
India and 2Institute for Excellence in Higher Education (IEHE), India