Current Issue

July 2016, Volume 1, Number 3

A Study of QoS 6LOWPAN for the Internet of Things
Nejikouka1 and Adel Thalajoui2, 1University of Sousse, Tunisia and 2University of Toulouse, France

April 2016, Volume 1, Number 2

Communication Traffic Characteristics of Smart Grid FastADR Aggregation for Distributed Office Buildings' Loads
Chuzo Ninagawa1 and Keita Suzuki2, 1Gifu University, Japan and 2Interlink, Inc., Japan

Prediction of Room Temperature Side-Effect due to Fast Demand Response for Building Air-Conditioning Facilities
Taku Naramura1, Atsushi Shibata1, Junji Morikawa2 and Chuzo Ninagawa1, 1Gifu University, Japan and 2Mitsubishi
Heavy Industries, Japan

Working Principle of Arduino and Using it as a Tool for Study and Research
Leo Louis, Gujarat Technological University, India

Synergetic Control and Synchronisation of Chaotic Systems
Harmas Mohamed N, University of Setif, Algeria

January 2016, Volume 1, Number 1

Optimal Performance Analysis Enabling OSPF and BGP in Internal and External WAN
K. RamKumar and S. Raj Anand, VelTech MultiTech Dr. Rangarajan Dr. Sakunthala Engineering College, India

Sleep Control for Life Time Maximization and Routing in WSN
V. Amsa and S. Raj Anand, Veltech High Tech Engineering College, India

Statistical Disclosure of Traffic on Anonymous System Using MANETs
Vandana Kumari, S. Raj Anand and Suganya. V, Veltech High Tech Engineering College, India

Performance Analysis Between PCA and ICA in Human Face Detection
Shahjahan Kabir1, Solaiman Hossain1 and Rabiul Islam2, 1Dhaka International University, Bangladesh and 2Rajshahi
University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh

Android Malware Analysis: A Survey Paper
Tarang Kumar Barsiya, Manasi Gyanchandani and Rajesh Wadhwani, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology,