Volume 9, Number 1

Relationship Between Principals’ Disciplinary Approach and Students’ Disruptive Behaviours in Secondary Schools in North Central Zone of Nigeria


Idoko Boniface Idoko, Emmanuel Secondary School Ugbokol, Nigeria


The study examined the relationship between principals’ disciplinary approach and students’ disruptive behaviours in secondary schools in North Central Nigeria. Three hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. The sample size of 306 was drawn from a population of 1755 Principals of secondary schools in the zone. The instrument for data collection was a self structured questionnaire titled “Disciplinary Approach and Disruptive Behaviour Questionnaire’ (DADBQ)”. Data collected were subjected to descriptive statistics. The findings revealed that there is significant relationship between autocratic and laissez- faire disciplinary approaches and students’ disruptive behaviours, but there is no significant relationship between principals' democratic disciplinary approach and students' disruptive behaviours. The researcher recommends that school counsellors should assist the principal to adopt democratic disciplinary approach, and that counsellors should educate principals of schools to enable them realize that autocratic and laissez-faire disciplinary approaches promote students’ disruptive behaviours.


Principals, Disciplinary, Democratic, Autocratic, Laissez-faire, Approach, Students, Disruptive, and Behaviours.