Volume 9, Number 1

The Effectiveness of an ICT based Teaching Scenario of Tsunami on Students’ Learning: A Case Study


Anthoula-Styliani Passadelli and Aikaterini Klonari, University of the Aegean, Greece


This study aims to present an ICT-based teaching scenario, which was implemented in 21 students (10 boys and 11 girls) of the 7th grade of a Junior High School on Lesvos Island, Greece. Intervention was applied to the Geography course, and it lasted 8 hours. The main characteristic of this class was that one-third of the students were non-native Greek speaking. Teaching tools used were: simulations, online quiz, movie maker software, QGIS software and power point for students activities. To check the effectiveness of this intervention, tools were distributed to students through 2 (pre-and post) questionnaires that were anonymous, but they had a code to identify and compare the same students’ answers to pre-and postintervention. Main results showed that all students had better achievements after the intervention was completed, and the greatest difference laid in those students who were not native speakers of Greek. The students’ creations also indicated that they changed or completed their prior knowledge and, more specifically, of those concepts that they had misconceived earlier.


Geohazards, tsunami, earthquakes, geography, ICT