Volume 9, Number 1

Inquiring Elements Affecting Students’ Low Skills in Spoken English at Higher Secondary School
Level in the Punjab Pakistan


Muhammad Shakil, Shabana Kousar, Yasmeen Basheer and Fatima Batool, Punjab School Education Department, Pakistan


Spoken language creation is frequently viewed as perhaps the most troublesome parts of language learning. In actuality, numerous language students think that it’s hard to communicate in communicated in language in the objective language. Every understudy has their own issues. The main purpose of this paper is to investigate the variables influencing the student's low skill in talking in English in Pakistan. The paper attempts to teach the continuous issues in talking aptitude looked by the understudies in the classroom. The information was gathered from the students and teachers of higher secondary school level from Government Schools and private schools locating in Khudian Khas, Kangan Pur district Kasur, Renla Khurd district Okara and Bajwat district Sialkot. The exploration instruments utilized in this examination were polls. There are two populace gatherings' educators and understudies and different survey has been intended for both the gatherings. Additionally, subject experts have been met in this regard. Based on the exploration discoveries a few suggestions were made. The current investigation is relied upon to help the understudies in improving their presentation in talking classes.


Elements, L2 learners, Communication, Competence, Spoken English, Skills