Volume 9, Number 2

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Inequities: A Comparative Literature Review of Education in the United States and Liberia


Damita Kaloostian and Nalini Chhetri, Arizona State University, USA


Globally, the potential of ICT has resulted in mass deployment, transforming the educational landscape in accordance with 21st-century demands. The diffusion of ICT within education has shown tremendous benefits, positively impacting students and teachers in learning, instruction, engagement, and assessment (Fu, 2013). However, the widespread application of technology to address education access and quality has not been universally adopted for various reasons, resulting in the exclusion of critical segments of the world's population. As a result of the current technology inequities, the current literature review focuses on access to and use of ICT within education. More specifically, it seeks to explore: What does the comparative and international research say regarding the factors that facilitate access to and use of ICT among underserved K-8 education populations in the United States and Liberia?


Digital divide, Digital inequities, United States, Liberia, ICT, Education, Technology.