Current Issue

December 2018, Volume 6, Number 4

Effect of Teaching Approaches in Stem Career Orientation for Students Through Biology Learning in Vietnam
Ho Thi Hong Van1, Le Ngoc Hoan2 and Dinh Quang Bao2,1The Vietnam National Institute of Educational Sciences, Vietnam and 2Hanoi National University of Education, Vietnam

Evoking Motivation for Achievement In Ó’ Level Mathematics in Zimbabwe
Chipo Makamure, Belvedere Technical Teachers College, Zimbabwe

Effective Coverage of Learning Domains in Students Assessment by Lecturers of Cross River University of Technology
Calabar Nigeria

Ntu n. Nkomo, Henry ojating, Cross River University of Technology Calabar, Nigeria

The Influence of Problem-Based Learning Communities on Research Literacy and Achievement Goal Motivation
Mary Gutman, Efrata College, Israel

Effects of Corrective Feedback on Learners of English as a Second Language (ESL)
Gelan Hesham Abdou Ahmed Mahmoud, Zewail University of Science and Technology, Egypt

September 2018, Volume 6, Number 3

Effect of Extrinsic Motivation on Secondary School Student's Academic Achievement in Social Studies  
ODE, Dickson, Wesley High School, Nigeria

June 2018, Volume 6, Number 1/2

Product Design as a Creative Methodology among Scientific Technological and Artistic Education  
Joseba K. Azcaray Fernandez1, Manuel Martinez Toran1, Marcelo Leslabay Martinez2 and Chele Esteve Sendra1, 1Universitat
Politecnica de Valencia, Spain and 2Universidad Deusto, Spain

School Climate and Organizational Citizenship Behavior  
Salome Ruguru Njagi, University of Eastern Africa, Kenya

Women Empowerment Impregnates the Development 21st Century Scenario  
Indira Nath, Yeaqub Ali B.Ed College, India

Effects of Computer-Assisted Instruction on Secondary School Students' Academic Achivement in the Learning of
Government as a Subject
ODE Dickson, Wesley High School, Nigeria