Current Issue

Volume 1, Number 5

Developement of Gait Generation System for a Lower Limb Prosthesis Using Measured Ground Reaction Forces
Wiem Abdallah1 and Rahma Boucetta2 and Saloua Bel Hadj Ali3 1Modeling, Analysis and Control of Systems (MACS Lab.), National Engineering School of Gabes, University of Gabes, Zrig, 6029 Gabes, Tunisia. 2Sciences Faculty of Sfax, University of Sfax, Road of soukra, 3000, Sfax, Tunisia. 3Preparatory Institute of El Manar, El Manar University, Campus Farhat Hached BP N94 Rommana, 1068 Tunis, Tunisia.

Volume 1, Number 4

Multiple Configurations for Puncturing Robot Positioning
Omar Abdelaziz1, 3, 4, Minzhou Luo2, 3, Guanwu Jiang1, 3 and Saixuan Chen1, 3, 1University of Science and Technology of China, China, 2Hohai University, China, 3Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute, China and 4Egyptian Russian University, Egypt

Volume 1, Number 3

On Optimization of Manufacturing of a Latch Circuit Based on Heterostructures to Increase Density of their Elements.
Influence of Missmatch Induced on Technological Process

E.L. Pankratov, Nizhny Novgorod State University, Russia

On Optimization of Manufacturing of Elements of an Binary-ROM Circuit to Increase their Integration Rate
E.L. Pankratov, Nizhny Novgorod State University, Russia

A Novel Navigation Strategy for an Unicycle Mobile Robot Inspired from the Duck Walking (Gyroscopic Navigation)
Radwen Bahri1, Rahma Boucetta2 And Saloua Bel Hadj Ali Naoui3, National Engineering School Of Gabes, Tunisia, University of Sfax, Tunisia and El Manar University, Tunisia

Volume 1, Number 2

A Proposed Expert System for Evaluating the Partnership in Banks
Christina Albert Rayed1 and Asmaa Saeed Embark2, 1Sadat Academy for Management Science, Egypt and
2Al-Gazeera High Institute for Computer and Information Systems, Egypt

An Optimization Approach for Forming a Team of Experts in Social Networks
Ali Bagherinia and Elham Amini, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Choosing the Best Optimization Software with the Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approaches
Zahra Izadpanah Mohamadabadi, Roya Azari and Elham Shadkam, Khayyam University, Iran

Analysis of Received Signal Strength in Wireless Network of Firebird V Robot
Snehal Kokare, Rajveer Shastri and Shrikrishna Kolhar, VPKBIET Baramati, India

Design and Development of RF Based Modular Robots with Local and Global Communication
K. Jagadeesh Babu, B. Kiran Kumar, G.Vyshnavi Devi, K. Pramodh Kumar, and V. Rama Krishna, St.Ann's College of Engineering and Technology, India

An Approach to Optimize of Manufacturing of a Voltage Reference Based on Heterostructures to Increase Density of their Elements. Analysis of Influence of Miss-Match Induced Stress and Porosity of Materials on Technological Process
E.L. Pankratov, Nizhny Novgorod State University, Russia

Volume 1, Number 1

Object Detection Based on Semantic Camera for Indoor Environment
Salih Rashid Majeed and Klaus D. Kuhnert, Siegen University, Germany

Multicopters and Potential Security Threats in Near Future
Süleyman Anıl Yücesoy and Durmuş Koç, Uşak University, Uşak, Turkey

BAT (BAT Algorithm) - Based Fuzzy PD Control Design for the Stabilization of a Quadrotor
Sarra Bencharef and Hamid Boubertakh, Automatic Laboratory of Jijel (Laj) University, Algeria

PSO Applied to Design Optimal PD Control for a Unicycle Mobile Robot
Sarra Bencharef and Hamid Boubertakh, University MSBY of Jijel, Algeria

Bio-Inspirations and Physical Configurations of Swarm-Bot
Krishnaraju A1, Ramkumar R1 and Sreenivasan K2, 1Mahendra Engineering College, India and 2Thiyagarajar
Polytechnic College, India