Volume 10, Number 1

An Evolving Perspective of an Educational Curriculum: A Philosophical, Sociological
and Psychological Focus of the Education System


Lucky Musonda, Management Studies Division, National Institute of Public Administration, Lusaka


This article undertook to describe philosophical, sociological and psychological frameworks functional in curriculum engineering of the educational system in society. It did a synthesis method to review untampered evolutions in the philosophical, sociological and psychological frameworks that for some time been warranting the re-engineering of the education curriculum relevant to its own society. The evolutions to re-design curriculum are part of motions in educational debates that desires to model its own ideologies. The much desired evolutions to re-design curriculum spurt from societal debates that censure adherence to imported curriculums that completely unmatch industrial relevance. Debates to re-engineer curriculums have stood a taste of time and leave much to be actualized for a relevant desired educational system that would be reflective to industry or trade.


Curriculum, Re-engineering, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology.