Volume 10, Number 1

Student Ability Cultivating of Electronic Technology Experimental Teaching Adapted To “New Engineering”


Hongtu Xie1,#, Ni Xie2,#, Xiao Hu1, Jian Zhang1, Guoqian Wang3,* and Kai Xie1,*, 1Sun Yat-sen University, China, 2Hunan University of Science and Technology, China, 3Sun Yat-sen University, China


To meet the cultivating requirements of the high-quality engineering and technology talents for the development of “new engineering”, the electronic information major of the college vigorously carries out the reform of the electronic technology experimental teaching. The electronic technology experiment is an important basic practical course in the electronic information major, which plays an important role in the ability cultivation of the engineering practice talents. Combining with the current needs of China to vigorously develop the “new engineering” construction, this paper discusses the problems existing in the traditional electronic technology experimental courses and proposes to split the electronic technology related modules from the school-enterprise cooperation or currently popular practical topics for the experimental topic selection. This experimental topic requires students to use the virtual simulation software to simulate the experimental tasks and complete the assigned design tasks before the class, and then complete the physical circuit experiments in the offline practical courses, which can cultivate the students' design thinking, exercise the students' hands-on ability and consolidate the knowledge learned in theoretical teaching, thereby adapt to the development of the "new engineering".


Electronic Technology Experimental Teaching, “New Engineering”, Student Capability Cultivating, Virtual Simulation Teaching, Independent Design Experiment.