Volume 10, Number 2

Writing Strategies of L2 Learners in an Online Learning Modality During
the Pandemic Period : A Systematic Review of Literature


Kelvin C. Villanueva1 and Kara S. Panolong2, 1Saint Louis College, Philippines, 2Benguet State University, Philippines


Writing strategies are important in the development of writing pedagogy and learning. Consequently, it is crucial to develop writing in the new modality of education. The current systematic review investigated the writing strategies employed in teaching writing in an online distance learning and the perceptions of students regarding these writing strategies. Thirteen studies were analysed for the employment of and students' views about writing strategies. The results of the study revealed four areas that were further categorized into Practice, Action, Tool, and Help (PATH) strategies, while the perceptions were grouped into two areas - the right path and the lost track. Also, the results revealed that strategies were thought to be essential, effective, enhancing, and pleasurable. The findings imply that by providing the PATH Strategies to learners, students will be able to maintain the interest in learning and will greatly help in the development of the writing pedagogy and acquisition.


Writing Strategies, Online Learning Modality, Systematic Review, L2 learners.