Volume 10, Number 4

Climate-Smart for Indigenous Education


Rolf Pfotenhauer, Victoria University, Australia


Indigenous peoples' have complex knowledge systems within current biodiversity trends and climate impacts. We aim to capture this knowledge through an IFAD funded project.

In this project we seek to combine storytelling, as real-life multi-species stories, with problem-based (active) learning where the listener can interact and shape the story. Psomos & Kordaki [23] found that such storytelling facilitates the convergence of student-centered learning.

Our conclusion seeks to expand indigenous knowledge for the design and implementation of best practices in complying with all interest groups for the furtherance of our target community.


Gaia, African Indigenous knowledge, Aichi Biodiversity Targets, Climate change, Conflict, Peace-building, Urbanisation, Adaptation, Traditional Knowledge, Sustainable Development.