Volume 11, Number 2

Determinants of Lecturers Assessment Practice in Higher Education in Somalia


Mohamed Isse Sidow, Islamic University, Uganda


This research investigated the determinants of lecturers' assessment practices in higher education institutions in Mogadishu, Somalia. The factors that determined the lecturer’s assessment practice were design, interpretation, application, and administration mechanisms. A quantitative research design was conducted. The questionnaire was used, Cronbach's alpha value is.917. This shows that the scale's internal consistency and reliability for this sample are quite excellent. r =.636, P = 0.000,.05., the findings revealed a significant, favorable, and robust relationship between design and lecturers' assessment practices. Also, the correlation table shows a good connection between assessment, interpretation, application, and lecturers' assessment practice. (Explained) (r =.575, p = 0.000,.05) (R =.516, p =.000, 0.05) there is a strong positive relationship between assessment design, interpretation, and application to lecturers’ assessment practice. I recommend that the administration of public and private higher education institutions focus on in-service training on how to upgrade the skills of lecturers toward assessment practice.


administration, application, assessment practice, design & interpretation