Volume 11, Number 2

Research and Practice of a Blended Teaching Mode based on Small Private Online Courses


Yan Li, Zhuoqun Lu and Heyun Liu, Hunan University of Humanities, Science and Technology, China


The rate of education digitization is accelerating due to the ongoing development of information technologies. The demands of student learning cannot be fully met by the conventional classroom-teaching method. Due to the emergence of new teaching forms in the post-pandemic era, rapid development of IT applications, national education-informatization policies and deployment, and the plight of the traditional teaching mode, there is a need to explore new ideas and patterns of integrating information technologies and teaching approaches. This study elaborates on a blended teaching mode based on small private online courses (SPOC) on course goals, teaching contents, teaching methods, and evaluation approaches against the background of information technology by using the course of Heat Transfer as an example. The results demonstrate that this instructional strategy can enhance students' learning effect and comprehensive ability effectively. The rules of blended teaching were explored to guide teaching improvement.


SPOC, Blended Teaching, Informatization