Volume 11, Number 3

Integration of Metaverse Technology Into the Police Academy Education and Training System


Mayed AlAli and Humaid Alshamsi, Police College, UAE


This study explores the potential of integrating the metaverse into police colleges for education and training purposes. The metaverse, considered a futuristic educational platform, is investigated for its viability. The study employs a two-pronged approach involving a review of 13 relevant studies and a survey to gather qualitative data on metaverse usage. The findings reveal a strong willingness to embrace the metaverse, dissatisfaction with current police education programs, inadequate preparedness of cadets after training, and various potential applications of the metaverse in police education, sports training, military training, professional policing, and data management. Recommendations include metaverse adoption in police institutions, thorough risk assessment, and comprehensive training for educators.


Education, Metavers, Training, Police.