Volume 11, Number 3

From Geography to Geo-Society the Need for Transaction in the Greek State Public System


Marigoula Kosmidou, Greece


This article undertook to describe the transformation of Geography as teaching subject through the years in Greece as well as the need of adaptation emerged from the New Era of digital evolution in everyday life. Geography is an applied science that over the centuries has shown an evolution both in terms of the objects of study and the way of studying the objects it deals with. Technological development has led its study from the statics of the classroom, the map and the globe to the study of the use of digital tools and applications. Societies have now become Geo-Information Societies gaining ground against those with mere knowledge of geography. Citizens are now required to have specific skills and qualifications. Suppose linguistic and mathematical literacy were historically requirements for membership in a community of the past. In that case, digital literacy is generally accepted as the passport to the information society, and "belonging" to a "GISociety" will require a particular set of elements of geospatial literacy.


Geography, Gisociety, Teaching, Digital, Literacy