Volume 7, Number 1

Effects of School Type (Day School and Boarding School) on Secondary School Students’
Academic Achievement in Social Studies


ODE, Dickson, Wesley High School, Nigeria


This study investigated the effect that day school in collaboration with boarding school would have on secondary school students’ academic achievement in social studies. The post-test only experimental design was adopted. One null hypothesis was formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significance. The instrument for data collection was a-25 item teacher made Social Studies Achievement Test (SOSAT) which was validated and reliability index of 0.83 was established. Using the simple random sampling technique, one junior secondary II (JS II) class made up 45 students from each of a day school and a boarding school was selected and divided into two groups namely experimental group (day school students) and control group (boarding school students) and investigated. Each of the two groups was taught social studies for 9 weeks by only one social studies teacher. At the end of the 9th week of the study, the post-test was administered on the students to determine difference in academic performance if any between the two groups. Using means and t-test in analyzing the data, the result showed that, boarding school students significantly performed better than day school students in social studies. The study recommended among others that, government and individual day secondary schools should periodically organize workshops and seminars on how day school students can improve their academic performance in social studies and other subjects.


School type, secondary school students, academic achievement, social studies