Volume 8, Number 1

Developing A Convergence Methodology Between Engineering Technology and Fashion Design Education


Hyunseung Lee, Kookmin University, South Korea


This study proposed a convergence design process comprising the creativity of fashion design and the technology of engineering for fashion design education. It incorporated the concept of the convergence tendency in modern industry. The primary study combined an engineering design process that promoted engineering thinking and a fashion design process that promoted creative thinking to create a practice model that was developed and tested in a 10-week workshop. The result showed the need for refining the practice model to encourage in-depth cooperation. Therefore, a second practice model composed of an interaction design process and a fashion design method was investigated to promote students’ interconnected thinking and force iterative processing. To verify the usability of the refined practice model, a second workshop using the latest model was conducted over 15 weeks. A tendency for convergence, where knowledge and techniques were shared among designers and engineers to address problems, was observed. The functionality of the four prototypes that were developed based on the idea of setting and solving a design issue was also embodied. It is expected that the processes and results can be utilized as a basis for the development of design methodologies and education programs in various design areas, including fashion, in this era of converged industries.


Cooperative practice, Design process, Fashion education, Convergence design education