Volume 8, Number 1

Integration into Canadian Society: How Armenian Syrian Millennial Refugees use Social Media


Alyssa Racco, York University, Canada


Using a conceptual framework that builds on the constructs of community of practice (Homles & Meyerhoff, 1990; Lave & Wenger 1998; Wenger 1998) and superdiversity (Blommaert, 2013; Blommaert & Rampton, 2012; Jørgensen, Karrebæk, Madsen, & Møller, 2011; Vertovec, 2007), this study reports on the ways Armenian Syrian millennial refugees access information via social media. Findings are based on data collected through participant observations, interviews and survey protocols. The study showed the use of semiotic resources as social media allowed respondents to extend the social implicatures of language beyond their verbal proficiency levels.


Armenian Syrian Millennial Refugee, Snapchat, Communication, Social Inclusion