Volume 8, Number 2

Effectiveness of Demonstration Method to Teach the Abstract Concepts to the Children
Between the Age of Six to Ten. an Experimental Research


Muhammad Arshad Hussain, Punjab School Education Department, Pakistan


The demonstration method is an important element in determining the effectiveness of teaching and learning process in the classroom. This research aims to investigate the effect of demonstration method to improve the students' understanding of the abstract concepts. In this study different simple illustrated short stories with moral lessons including honesty, faithfulness, kindness and trustworthiness have been selected and played in ECE (early childhood education) room on LED and repetitive demonstration to convey the abstract concepts associated with emotions including happiness, sadness, love and hatred have been demonstrated by the teacher. This study involved 30 students between the age six to ten of Government Primary School Dhok Ali Khan. The instruments used for data collection were pre-test through observation, record, repetitive demonstration and post-test. The data have been collected in graphs and percentage. In findings, there is a significant increase in positive achievement of the students. The study also helped changed the reaching practices and improved the children's interest in learning different concepts and other activities. This paper deals with how to teach abstract concepts and other activities.


Abstract concepts, repetitive demonstration, demonstration method.