Volume 8, Number 3

Discussion on the Talent Training of Universities with Industry Characteristics from the Perspective of Courses


Xiaojie Geng1, Li Shen2, Yanxi Deng1 and Li Lin1, 1China university of Geosciences, China, 2Wuhan University, China


Geological colleges are important parts of industry characteristic colleges in China and national base for training geoscience talents. Intensify the liberal education at undergraduate level is of great significance for students to improve relevant cross-disciplinary study and further interdisciplinary research. Since the 21st century, the attributes and scales of geological universities have changed greatly, and the demand and cultivation of innovative talents become urgent. Based on statistical data of China University of Geosciences (Beijing), we indicated the primary impacts of general knowledge on students’ performance of diploma project. This study emphasized that to strengthen the liberal education, focus on applications, and explore training models for innovative talents are inevitable for industry colleges, in order to adapt to the rapid social development and industry demands.


liberal education, diploma project, talent training, geology