Volume 8, Number 3

An Exploration of Factors Affecting the Process of English Language Course Design from The Perspectives of Teachers in A College Context


Iman Alkhalidi, Al Buraimi University College, Oman


Course design is viewed as the foundation of the curriculum development process that contributes to shaping and guiding the subsequent stages of teaching and assessment. The study is a qualitative case study that aims to explore the factors that have influential effects on the efficiency of the process of course design from the perspectives of teachers who design their courses in a college context in Oman. It also aims to explore how these factors affect course design. The study draws on the philosophy and epistemology of the interpretive paradigm that shapes and guides its methodology, methods of data collection, and analysis of data. Findings of study show that there is a variety of factors that affect course design. These factors canbe categorized into two major categories, Student and Institutional Factors. Based on the findings of data analysis, the study offers a number of implications that are of value for those who are involved in the process of course design, particularly in the current context.


Course design, Curriculum development, Factors and challenges, Student and Institutional Factors