Volume 8, Number 4

A Literature Review on Geography Teachers’ Knowledge of and Attitudes Towards Dyslexia


Passadelli Anthoula Styliani and Klonari Aikaterini, University of the Aegean, Greece


This article is a literature review on geography teachers’ knowledge and perceptions of dyslexia, as well as the teaching methods they decide to use in order to differentiate their teaching in mixed ability classes, including dyslexic students. The aim of the systematic literature review was to identify: a) Geography teachers’ knowledge and perceptions of dyslexia; and b) the teaching strategies that they use to help dyslexic students overcome their difficulties. The research was carried out from October to November 2020. Initially, 1346 articles on dyslexia and teaching methods, generally that were published during the last 20 years (2000-2020) were identified in 5 databases. Findings showed that, despite the very large number of publications on the subject, only a few studies (3) were found to meet our research criteria (dyslexia + geography + teaching methods + teachers’ attitudes/knowledge). It is suggested that future studies focused on teaching geography and its impact on dyslexia would contribute to drawing clearer conclusions on the topic.


Geography teachers, dyslexia, teaching methods, knowledge, attitudes.