Volume 8, Number 4

Use of ICT to Enhance the Learning Process in Higher Education


Chetlal Prasad1 and Pushpa Gupta2, 1MaaVindhyavashini Post Graduate College of Education, India, 2Hazaribag VinobaBhave University, India


ICTs in Education refers to the development of information and communications technology specifically for teaching/learning purposes, while the ICTs in education involves the adoption of general components of information and communication technologies in the teaching learning process. The National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NME-ICT), launched in 2009 by the Central Government. Let’s see how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) evolved the Higher Education system: The role of ICT in higher education, what students learn, The role of ICT in Higher Education, how Students Learn, The role of ICT in Higher Education, when students learn, The role of ICT in higher education, where students learn. Online courses, development of e-content, e-learning, digital libraries, online encyclopaedias, journals, and books would promote learning and make knowledge available to all irrespective of the distance or location or financial resources. Government intervention is necessary so that ICT can be made successful in higher education. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has the proven power to change the world. This acronym refers to the merging of audiovisual and telephone networks with the computer single unified system of cabling.